TRAMA Textiles is an Association of Women for Artisan Development in Back strap Loom Weaving in Guatemala. We work directly with 400 women from 17 weaving co-operations across five regions in the western highlands of Guatemala: Sololá, Huehuetenango, Sacatepéquez, Quetzaltenango and Quiché. TRAMA’s mission is to create sustainable fair wage employment for the women of Guatemala, to enable them to honorably support their families and communities, and to preserve and develop the cultural traditions of the Maya people through the continued practice of traditional weaving arts. In 1988 our association was formed after the most devastating years of the Guatemalan civil war. During this difficult time, our community united and decided to use our skills as weavers to support ourselves and our families which led to the birth of TRAMA Textiles. Currently Trama has exceptional weavers who produce handmade products with high quality, using a variety of colors and natural materials that give comfort, elegance and well-being. Every region can be identified by the unique patterns on their traditional woven clothing. Some of the pieces worn by the women can take months to make as the designs consist of so many intricate details. Trama offers interesting products in its colors and symbols that each one has its own meaning. 

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Trama Textiles