The Master’s Handicrafts is a for-profit, wholesale export business in the country of Kyrgyzstan dedicated to helping indigenous artisans develop markets for their crafts. By using fair trade principles, products are bought directly from the artisans at fair prices and sold to retail distributors. Many of the crafters with whom we work have very little or no other income, and through the purchase of their goods, they are given the chance to grow economically. Along the way, we form special friendships with them that will last a lifetime.

We work to create beautiful products that reflect the traditions of the various ethnic groups located in Kyrgyzstan. The majority Kyrgyz people have a strong history of working with wool fibers – felt, wool and woven wool yarn. Minority ethnic groups specialize in knitting and crochet, wood-working and sewing. Where we can, we add a classic, modern touch to ancient works by assisting the artisans in color selection and design.                                                                                             


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