Sharing the Dream in Guatemala is a fair trade non-profit organization that works to reduce poverty in Guatemala through collaborative partnerships with Guatemalans. We work with more than 20 artisan groups from all over the country and these artisans do a variety of techniques, including backstrap and foot loom weaving, beading, crochet, woodworking and basket making. We support local artisan groups through education and the purchasing of their products with the aim of providing a sustainable future. We believe in the fair pay of the artisans who have worked hard for their craft and put an incredible amount of effort into producing a high quality product. As many local artisans are exploited in their labor, we work our hardest to provide them with workshops on new designs, locate funds for investments and give education on business practices. 

Though basic business skills may seem elementary, it is important to remember that traditional artisans are not given the fundamental access to education that we enjoy in the west. In order for them to run a sustainable and growing business, Sharing the Dream provides them with the foundations of business practices. At Sharing the Dream we believe in sustainable development and investment that brings out the true potential of local communities.


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