Our artisan chocolate is handcrafted with the finest quality, ecologically and socially conscious ingredients, sure to please the palate and the heart of the chocolate connoisseur. Our high cacao content, along with our distinctive flavors and exclusive formula and process, make our products the finest choice in Costa Rican chocolate. Our organic cacao beans are hand-selected for their flavor and processed carefully in small batches. Producing chocolate directly from properly fermented and sun-dried cacao beans gives us a real advantage in creating the finest, most complex taste for our products. We sort, peel, sort again, roast, grind, conch, and temper small batches of beans and then mold and package each bar and bonbon by hand. We use no artificial flavors or ingredients, lecithin or preservatives, or added oils. Many of our add-in ingredients are locally sourced, or certified organic; always the finest quality we can find. All of the cacao we use is organic, single-origin, from small farms in Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Zone. Most of our products are Vegan-friendly; all of our chocolates are soy, gluten, and gmo-free. Our chocolate flavors are evolving all the time. As an artisan chocolate, no two batches are exactly the same.

You can feel good eating our chocolate because Chocolate is a “superfood”, rich in antioxidants and helpful for maintaining health and vitality. Chocolate is loaded with mood-boosting, titillating ingredients such as “feel good” endorphins and the aphrodisiac alkaloid, Phenethylamine (PEA). Organic chocolate which is created without the health-harming agricultural chemicals makes for an even happier and healthier experience of one of Nature’s divine treats and Helps People Feel Good!
Samaritan Xocolata engages in Direct Trade and Local Sourcing as often as possible and is committed to protecting our natural tropical environment by being conscious on all levels. We are committed to working with the local population to help provide a sustainable local economy, cultivating stewardship of the environment of our area, protecting rainforest and its creatures, promoting and rewarding local organic agricultural practices. We give a portion of the profits to local non-profit foundations and projects for the purpose of rainforest preservation, education and empowerment of women in micro-industries and fair-trade/direct trade enterprises.

Samaritan Xocolata was founded in 2005 in the Osa Peninsula by Kimberley Blackwell. In 2011, after her death at the hands of local poachers, we moved to Canaan de Rivas, in Perez Zeledon, and began to upgrade the entire concept, including processes, products and flavors. In June 2014, we opened our current factory and shop on the main road to Parque Nacional Chirripo, in Canaan de Rivas.

In a nutshell, so to speak: We love making the best chocolate we can and HELPING PEOPLE FEEL GOOD about chocolate, and we love seeing the light in someone’s eyes when they taste our chocolate. We are committed to making the best chocolate possible, using the best ingredients, and being socially and environmentally responsible on every level possible for us.

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