The company is the result of a project called “El Conejo de Sacalá”  which began in 1993 initiated by ten community leaders of the Sacalá farm, Municipality of San Martin Jilotepéque, the Department of Chimaltenango and with the support of the company Kiej de Forests. Since the start of the project, it aims to develop the forest production chain starting with the establishment of seed-beds, and further with providing trees to foresters for the foundation of voluntary plantations both for environmental protection and for sustainable production of wood articles.


With the support of Kiej de Los Bosques and the Tikonel Association, in 2004 the company Sacalá Sociedad Anónima was incorporated with a focus that allows the development of secondary production which consists in the transformation of wood. Sacalá had been integrated by 6 individual shareholders and the Tikonel Association as a legal entity having the business of production and marketing of products derived from forest.

Currently the company creates more than 100 products distributed among the lines of kitchen, living room, office and toys, while contributing to the generation of economic income and jobs to local carpenters. Innovation and quality positioned Sacalá brand in the national market.


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