Peasant Art Craft is an online platform promoting traditional crafts and rural lifestyle. The aim of this project is to contribute to the revival of endangered crafts through a series of short films, photographs and texts documenting heritage craft practices in the Romanian villages at the present times. The research conducted by our team focuses on the following traditional crafts: spinning, weaving, embroidery and various other fiber arts, woodworking, including carpentry and carving, leather working, basket weaving, broom making, pottery, blacksmithing, as well as traditional foods of Romania.
We travel to villages across ethnographic regions of Bucovina, Maramureș, Transylvania and Moldova, on a quest for finding rare tradition bearers and practitioners. The craftsmen, most of whom are still working to support themselves in their old age, have inherited rare traditional skills from their ancestors. They master the art of handcrafting without the use of modern machinery.
Unfortunately, with younger generation’s declining interest in learning, the traditional crafts are becoming obsolete. At Peasant Art Craft, we take an active role in the preservation and passing down of ancient skills in our modern-day world. With the help of technology, we promote heritage craft practices through our Blog and social media channels.


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