NOVARUM is a traditional company with 18 years in the market. We started bailing colonial old techniques in the production of furniture and decorative objects in wood, attached to art and design innovation: carved by hand, use of gold leaf and silver, hand painting in different techniques (watercolor, oil, tempera, acrylic, aging, etc). This made us different and unique. For some years Novarum has been renewing and adding to new trends and demands in trade relations imposed by entering an increasingly globalized market. This implies that without neglecting our inception, we have prepared and modernized for series production with high quality control. In all our processes we use the best materials: wood, sealants, paints, gold, silver, lacquers and varnishes of the highest quality.    

We have developed about 1000 products of high quality wood, among which comprises a line of POP products (Promotional), office, wine culture, games, boxes, picture frames, shelves, etc., with engraving services laser, router engraving, screen printing and airbrushing. We are able to adapt to any requirements and needs of our customers which is one of our greatest strengths along with accountability and compliance, achieved on the basis of planning, with a set of pre–established procedures that allow us to know the location and trajectory of our products. Art design and expertise applied in our processes under strict quality control allows us to offer excellent products, innovative and functional at the lowest cost.


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