Miss Frida is an innovative babywear lifestyle brand: embroideries with stunning colours and unique patterns. We work with small craft collectives in rural Latin America, and Spanish ateliers to bring you ethical and chic babywear with a story of women´s empowerment.

The Embroidery Project:

Being aware of indigenous women in Latin America who continue to face big gaps in access to employment despite of being highly skilled artisans, at Miss Frida we asked ourselves:

What challenges do artisan women face in producing handicrafts?
How can artisan women achieve higher productivity of their crafts?
How can artisan women find new markets to sell their crafts?

The answer to these questions was the development of an innovative value-chain that focuses on:

Exchanging knowledge to create employment through unique babywear:
In partnership with The Cooperative of Women, our mission is to create exclusive fashion designs through which artisans can showcase their creative talent while providing income for their families.

We know these women come from disadvantaged communities, therefore we also create strategic alliances with organizations that help us to ensure fair wages and sustainable relationship with artisans.

Promoting their culture and heritage:
Indigenous communities are custodians of unique textile craftsmanship, whose skills and production systems are passed down over generations from grandparents to grandsons and granddaughters.
Sadly, over the past few years, indigenous communities have been suffering cultural appropriation in the fashion industry without any kind of intellectual or economical recognition.
We guarantee each community we are working with, that their cultural heritage will not only be recognized, but also actively promoted in our social medial platforms together with artisans that created our collections.

Bridging talented artisan in rural communities in Latin America with consumers across the world:
Our aim is to bring ethical and stylish fashion for babies and toddlers with a story by giving these remarkable but isolated rural collectives access to a wider market. Our business and our customers will be supporting the development of financially sustainable livelihoods, the empowerment of women in Latin America and the preservation of traditional crafts.



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