Ten years ago the Sisters of Charity opened a school in Luang Prabang for the deaf and mute children. They came from all north Laos to attend school and receive proper education. Nowadays, seventy children from 5 to 20 years old are residents there.
In the Sisters’ minds the kids should go back home with skills to earn a living. In consequence, the older girls are taught the job of a weaver and a sewer. Every morning they keep on going to school, and by every afternoon, they practice their activity at the centre. At the end of their formation they will be skilled enough to be employed and be independent.

Support to their learning
Two years ago the shop opened at the centre to support the community work and promote the deaf and mutes learning of weaving. Their production is sold on place, just next to the workshop. The collection evolves with the learning process. However, it always provides scarfs, bags, carpets, table dressings or the traditional skirt fabric: sin lao.

Weaving is an important activity in Laos and in South East Asia. Often the women are in charge, and it is a well-acknowledged profession in the Laotian society. By learning it, the disabled have an opportunity to reconnect with their community of origin.

Coming by the Sisters of Charity centre means more than a simple shopping visit!
You will see the fantastic living place where it stands! The community grows vegetables, raises pigs, poultry and fishes. There is also a mushroom farm. The aim is to be as independent as possible.
Discover an entirely sustainable place and enjoy an experience of sustainable tourism while encouraging the deaf and mute community.


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