Caliz is art in glass by Carolina Lizarzaburu. Vitrofusion and stained glass painting are the techniques used for each one of her pieces with unique design. Carolina Lizarzaburu is a graphic designer who works with glass since 1998. For eleven years she had been part of Spegelglas art and design. Currently works under the brand Caliz Ecuador.

“It was between chance and destiny to start working in glass. It was more the curiosity that led me to experiment with this material, achieving very interesting results. Each piece I work individually, giving an emotion to each one. I have participated in two art exhibitions – one in the Muros gallery and another in the Café Libro. I really enjoy creating with glass as I give free rein to my imagination, overwhelmed by sensations and experiences, which then take shape in an oven at 800 degrees Celsius, impregnating each piece with its own personality”. 


Caliz is jewelry, accessories in glass for table dishes, bowls, napkin rings, glasses, bottles in various sizes. For home or office decoration we have picture frames, mirrors, boxes, wall clocks, card holders, lamps, chandeliers. We also have souvenirs such as key rings, paintings, magnets and more.


Images on that page are © Caliz