We are a boutique of artisanal cotton products. Founded 26 years ago with the goal of preserving Guatemalan culture, its land, its natural colours, and its motifs. To do that, we grow and cultivate native pre-hispanic colour cotton. The thread derived from our cotton does not suffer any dyeing process.

We work with artisans around Guatemala to create fresh contemporary decorative pieces, home decor, fashion accessories and bespoke versions of traditional patterns and techniques.

Our ethical pursuit is to produce mindfully objects rather than to consume mindlessly. Practising cultural preservation by recovering native Ixcaco, Cuyuscate and Jade cotton that was almost extinct in Central America back in the ’90s. From the collaboration with “The New Denim Project,” we use upcycle denim for all our tones of blues and black thread.

We do not produce objects for status or vanity, but to meet a purpose from within. Objects do not fill, they fulfill. Our objects carry intention. Intention to preserve and celebrate our culture and our homes.


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Algodones Mayas